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I’ve officially moved my blog to from my site. It will allow me to utilize a variety of new feature, host ads/sponsored post, and a little more freedom to customize in the future.

I’ve enjoyed my time on but it’s time to move to my own hosted site. I’ll be posting soon on the difference for those interested in blogging.

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to move since I’ve had the domain and hosting for awhile now.

I’ll be redirecting this blog soon, since all the archives have been moved over successful. Make sure to subscribe to my new blog! 

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Did you miss my webinar “Engaging Diverse Learning Styles with Web and Mobile Multimedia Tools that Add Pizzazz to SoftChalk Content” by SoftChalk on June 5, 2013?

SoftChalk Webinar

To accommodate diverse learning styles as well as access to mobile content it has become increasingly important to use multimedia and instructional tools that enhance lessons. The tools featured in this webinar will be either free or cheap resources that easily incorporate a variety of multimedia into your SoftChalk content. Many of the tools have both desktop and mobile based solutions that are great to utilize with online and in class engagement. Plus many of these tools are great for student created content as well.

You can watch the archive by visit

Also get all the links and information by visit my SlideShare:

AirPlay in the classroom from an iPad or iPhone is becoming a trend in both Higher Education and K12. More teachers and classrooms are getting mobile devices, either personal or through the insituation, to help enhance their teaching and provide educational content anywhere in the classroom.

Uses for AirPlay in the classroom:

  • Portable whiteboard using an app, such as Educreations
  • Mobile Document Camera (check out Belkin’s new tablet stage)
  • Group Presentations
  • Annotation of Student Work
  • Screencast of iPhone/iPad App for Instruction
  • Quick Slideshows to Summarize Work

AirPlay mirroring requires iPhone 4s or above , iPad 2 and above, or iPad Mini. I’ll use the reference iDevice to refer back to these devices throughout the blog. 

Apple TV:

Apply TV DSC_0561

Cost: $99.00 on Amazon 


Apple TV AirPlaying

AirPlay is simple on the Apple TV, even a 5 year old can do it.

  • Doesn’t need a PC or Mac to AirPlay.
  • Small solution that can be easily attached to a TV or Projector with HMDI (or adapter will be necessary).
  • Easy to setup and utilize AirPlay.


  • Relatively inexpensive but still need to buy the hardware, cables, and will Apple update this product soon.
  • Need to switch sources on the TV or Projector you are using during the presentation and have sound hooked up on multiple devices.
  • Only one device can AirPlay at a time.
  • No simple way of recording what is happening on the iDevice’s screen.

Reflector App (formally Reflection)

Reflector App Reflector App displaying Twitter App

Cost: $12.99 for one PC or Mac licence at Multiple licences available at reduced cost.

AirPlay using Reflector App as a portable doc cam.

AirPlay using Reflector App as a portable doc cam.


  • Cheap software based solution.
  • Doesn’t require you switch from your computer input for video or sound on your projector or TV
  • Allows you to record the mirroring display within the software or using a screen recording software.
  • Software based, so updates are always a possibility with new features.
  • Can add framing to match the actually device being used. This feature is great for recording or making tutorials.
  • Allows multiple devices to be AirPlayed onto a single screen.


  • Needs a laptop or desktop attached to a TV or Projector.
  • Needs to be installed for each PC or Mac using it. Might not be the best solution for a classroom where teachers or others bring outside laptops to be hooked up to the projector without having a dedicated device in the room.
  • Both PC/Mac needs to be on the same WiFi as the iDevice for AirPlay to work.

Want to see a few of my personal tutorial recorded using Reflector App? Visit my YouTube Channel

Final Thoughts on Comparing Apple TV and Reflector App

The cost is reduced significantly using the Reflector App ($12.99 vs $99.00) with lots of extra options, including recording AirPlay, multiple device support at one time, no switch video or sound, and various methods showing AirPlay. Reflector App would required a laptop or desktop to be used but most classrooms already have this available. Either way you need a WiFi network for the iDevices to connect via AirPlay.

WiFi Router Option:

TP Link Nano Router

The TP-LINK Nano Router was a great addition to my presenter bag of tricks.

Needing a easy way to create a wireless network, especially if your institutional WiFi doesn’t allow you to easy connect the two devices (Apple TV or PC/Mac with Reflector app) to your iDevices. I recently stumbled upon a cheap, small, portable router that can be great for the classroom, travel, or presentations.

The TP-LINK TL-WR702N  Wireless N150 Travel Router Nano (click to order one) is a fairly cheap option on Amazon. It’s currently $25 but I was able to snag it for $20 about a week ago. It’s has several different option to setup as a repeater, router, AP, client, and bridge. Powered by either USB or USB AC adapter. Sets up in minutes using the default SSID and Password or setup your own.

Don’t miss out on this great deal from Cult of Mac for Camtasia 2 for Mac, along with 10 other pieces of software for only $49.99. That’s 50% off the normal prices for Camtaisa 2 for Mac by itself and 93% off the total package of 11 app included! Don’t wait long because this deal ends in 3 days (12/7/2012)

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Camtasia is a great software for screen recording, video editing, and developing great educational content. I have developed the majority of my tutorials and videos using Camtasia. Visit my YouTube page for sample:

Easily Create Stunning Screen Captures & Video Recordings

Camtasia 2 for Mac


  • Easily capture what you’re seeing & doing
  • Communicate your thoughts to the world via beautiful videos
  • Capture anything on your screen
  • Focus your videos on what matters
  • Call attention to the important details in your video
  • Quickly Create Engaging, High-Quality Screen Captures & Videos.
  • Want to be able to easily record your message on video and display it to the world?
  • Now you can with Camtasia for Mac.
  • Camtasia for Mac screen recording software is streamlined, intuitive, and makes you look like a pro.
  • You can EASILY capture onscreen activity, add professional polish, and communicate your message visually.
  • TechSmith’s Camtasia for Mac gives you flexible recording options, professional yet easy-to-use editing tools, plus web and mobile sharing capabilities so you can show incredible video screencasts to the world.
Camtasia in Action
Top Features
Capture What You’re Seeing & Doing

  • Capture anything on your screen
  • Focus on what matters
  • Call attention to the important details in your video

Easily Create Videos With Professional Polish

  • Put yourself in your video
  • Highlight what’s important with Spotlight
  • Captivate your audience by using tilt and animation functionalities
  • Call out or hide information
  • Emphasize your movements
  • Show off your apps

Share & Interact With Your Audience

  • Share your videos anywhere
  • Make objects clickable
  • Organize all of your content by using simple tables

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Bonus Widget CFLBlogCon ProfessorJosh ReflectionIn case you missed it, this was my bonus widget from my CFLBlogCon presentation: Widgets and Gadgets for Bloggers. Reflection isn’t necessarily an app for your iPhone or iPhone but an software for your PC or Mac that lets you AirPlay your iPhone 4S (or above) and iPad 2 (or above) to any computer, wirelessly. Making it easy to record your iOS screen (such as an app preview) or share for a live presentation (what you are seeing on your mobile screen).

Other ideas for educational can include:

  • Mobile Document Camera
  • Group Presentations
  • Annotation of Student Work
  • Screencast of iPhone/iPad App for Instruction
  • Quick Slideshows to Summarize Work

(Ideas from

Watch how easy it is to use Reflection:

Download a free trial or purchase Reflection:

Here is a sample of me using it to show off for our Central Florida Blogger Conference Paperless Schedule

CFLBlogCon locker on DoccasterI’m presenting at Florida Blogger Conference (FLBlogCon) on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at the Orlando Science Center. This conference includes 250 fellow bloggers and social media enthusiast in Florida coming together for a hyper local conference.

I took a bunch of time to put together this documents/presentation that includes examples, preview, and great extra information you can easily follow up on to try these out for yourself.

The fully interactive PDF document is available in the CFLBlogCon locker on Doccaster.

Check out the Slideshare below (but this won’t let you download the presentation)

What is your new favorite app/gadget/widget?

Tweet me at @professorjosh #FLBlogCon or leave a comment below.

UPDATED! I recorded my presentation LIVE via a flipcam and the audio came out pretty decent! Watch it!

Leap Motion ControlWill we need keyboards or mice in the near future?

It’s time to forget Microsoft Kinect and find a new way to control your computer via natural movements. Well, you need to look no farther than the Leap Motion Control Device ($70 for pre-order). Based on proprietary technology, this sleek, compact motion sensor sits on your desk in front of your monitor, creating a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet that is 200X more accurate than anything else on the market. The video below shows you difference between waving your arm and signing PDFs in the air with an actual pencil.

With the advance in voice recognition, such as Apple’s Sir, and new motion based device like Leap Motion the keyboard and mouse might become as useful as a cassette player or rotatory phone.