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I’ve officially moved my blog to from my site. It will allow me to utilize a variety of new feature, host ads/sponsored post, and a little more freedom to customize in the future.

I’ve enjoyed my time on but it’s time to move to my own hosted site. I’ll be posting soon on the difference for those interested in blogging.

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to move since I’ve had the domain and hosting for awhile now.

I’ll be redirecting this blog soon, since all the archives have been moved over successful. Make sure to subscribe to my new blog! 

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Amex Sync, Tweet, SaveRecently I blogged about how I synced, I tweeted, and I saved with American Express in the Florida Technology Journal.

American Express is truly the leader in social among credit card companies. It is now giving cardmembers one compelling reason to tweet about promotional offers: instant savings at name brand merchants. The company launched a “Tweet your way to savings ” program to encourage members to sync their AmEx cards with Twitter and tweet special offer hashtags in exchange for coupon-less savings applied at the point of sale when using your synced AmEx card.

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Sqaure - Effortless CheckoutRecently one of my past blogs ” Square – Credit Card Payments Made Easy for Small Businesses, Food Trucks & Me ” was mentioned on the Eat St. Food Network blog.

The article, On the Go: Food trucks on the forefront of tech innovation discussed the various technologies food trucks around the nation are using to engage customers on the go. This included a few different payment systems, specifically Square was mention, as being used by Big Wheel Provisions and The Tree House Truck.

Thanks Eat St. for including me in your blog. Hopefully I can add a few other technology and food truck related stories to my blog in the near future. I would love to focus on how a variety of new social media elements are being used, such location based apps and instagram by a few of the local trucks.

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klout iconSince it’s confusing how to give a +K on Klout, here is a few easy steps to follow for those giving it for the first time. A +K is a measure for social media influence on a topic that lets people give other users authority on different subjects. Currently those topics are generated by Klout’s algorithms, but the company has mentioned that it hopes to let users submit their own topics in the future. Users get five +Ks every day that they can give to any user in any topic and they can give a +K to the same user on the same topic once every seven days. The rankings, like all of Klout’s scores, are based on data from Twitter and Facebook, but expect Foursquare to be add to the algorithms very soon.

First Sign-up for Klout and maybe you will get a free Spotify Account as a perk! SIGN-UP NOW

Once you have linked both your Twitter and Facebook – Ta Da! You have Klout

One of the easiest way to find someone from Twitter is to type in the Twitter handle (example: professorjosh) of a person that influences you in the upper right.

 When their profile comes up, under where it says Influential about, click “See more” link. (see image below).

Klout Influential About SEE MORE

Find the topic you think they are most influential about and next to that topic you’ll see the Give +K symbol. Click on it. (see image below).

Klout Give +K

Now decide if you would like to share who you gave a +K in a certain topic through Twitter or Facebook.

Want to give me some Klout?
Mashable has a great resource to follow on Klout to keep up-to-date on what’s new in the world of Klout.

On my recent visit to Universal Studios Orlando, I visited Hard Rock Cafe Orlando for lunch. By the way they have the best Twisted Mac and Cheese, little bit of spice and everything else nice. As the social media and tech geek I am, it was time to check in. Lately I have been using FourSquare, mainly because of the specials offered by a variety of companies. Sometimes you can find offers or specials checking in through Facebook Places or Yelp. Gowalla has stayed clear of the special is more focused on the user experience and passport experience.

Look it’s a special! Always great news when you special anywhere you check in. A past example includes Chili’s, every check in gets you some free chips and salsa plus if you have 3 friends check in together you get a free appetizer to share at the table.

Notice the SPECIAL label under Hard Rock Cafe Orlando



After check-in the special will pop up to show your server. My server didn’t have a clue about the check-in and had to take my phone to show a manager to find out what it was all about. Shortly after someone came around with All Access Pass.


Here is my shiny new Hard Rock All Access Membership to activate when I get home.


What a great deal for just checking-in via Foursquare!

What’s the All Access Pass?

Get the Rock Star treatment with Hard Rock’s exclusive All Access membership. Priority seating at Hard Rock Cafes and rewards for every dollar you spend are just the start of your VIP treatment. Flash the Hard Rock All Access card at our Cafes, Hotels, and Rock Shops for discounts and exclusive offers. The party never stops when you have All Access!

Check out some of the great All Access benefits:
  • $5 for my next visit
  • $20 for each $200 spend
  • First Available Preferred Seating
  • Late Checkout, Room Upgrades, and more at hotels
  • 10% Off Food & Merchandise
  • Special Offers for Members only

Foursquare was officially launched in March 2009 at South By Southwest Interactive. Foursquare is one of several new location-based social networking apps that allow users to broadcast where they are at a given time. User generally access Foursquare through wireless devices, such as iPhone and Blackberries. Foursquare had about 6 million registered user in January 2011 with almost 381 million total number of check-ins globally. Other familiar examples of location-based social networks are Gowalla and Facebook Places.

User check into a location via Foursquare share the location with friends, including on other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can review information posted about the venue and receive discounts or prizes for checking into a location.

foursquare basics in higher education

Foursquare Functions on Campus

As the use of smartphones has grown significantly in recent years, especially with the millennial generation, it becomes important to learn how to capitalize the different applications being used be the campus community. Below are a few ways students are using Foursquare.

Sharing Your Location

foursquare share locations

Users let friends know where to meet them

  • “Study group meeting in the Math Center”
  • “Just left Matador Day. Stop by to get your free t-shirt”

Learning About a Venue

User post reviews and insider tips.

  • Check into the gym reveals photos of the first basketball game played there.
  • “There always lots of parking available next to the University Center.”

Discounts and Prizes

foursquare prizes and discounts

Venues may offer prizes for checking in

  • Free coffee for the mayor of the Little Bean Cafe
  • 10% off at the bookstore for 5 check-ins

Virtual Incentives

foursquare badges

Foursquare offers badges and mayor status. University badges (left to right): College Explorer, Munchies, Smells Like School Spirit, Quad Squatter, and Bookworm Bender

Why Use Foursquare on Campus?

Foursquare can be used to accomplish a number of different institutional goals but a institution using it to provide additional information to visits will focus differently then those using it to drive student engagement on campus. Below are a few reason to use Foursquare on campus.

Building Community Connections

foursquare connections

  • Encouraging students to patronize off-campus business
  • Informing community members of events on campus

Encouraging Campus Exploration

Foursquare Encourage Campus Exploration

  • Offering specials for off-the-beaten path venues
  • Informing students of events on different parts of campus

Boosting School Spirit

foursquare School Spirit

  • Providing opportunities for alumni to follow campus events
  • Sharing information about campus traditions and history

Institutions using Foursquare around the Nation

Duke University

  • Gauging student interest
  • Looking for partners to offer check in specials
  • Claim Campus Venues

Arizona State University

  • Recruiting staff & students to manage venues
  • Collaborating with athletics department to offer specials
  • Exploring ways to integrate Foursquare with other social media efforts

Texas A&M University

  • Coordinating Foursquare with other social media efforts
  • Hosting Foursquare scavenger hunts to raise awareness
  • Using Foursquare to monitor traffic, effects of check-in specials

Syracuse University

  • Launching official Syracuse Foursquare badge
  • Recruiting students and alumni to create global Foursquare presence (study aboard & satellite campuses)

If you are considering using Foursqaure or other location-based applications at your college it will be important to determine what is the goal of using this type of service.

Questions to Ask:

  • Are students already using Foursquare?
  • Are venues already created around campus?
  • Are students or staff leaving tips?
  • Are local business using Foursquare and how?
  • Are staff familiar with Foursquare?
  • Does the college already have a Facebook and Twitter Account?
  • Are staff members in charge of social media efforts a division or institutional levels?

If you answered “Yes” to the majority of these questions your institution could look into using Foursquare as a tool for either engagement and/or informational purposes. Determine at what level you are willing to utilize resource to expand your presence on Foursquare and don’t forget to involve students in the process.

Source: Student Affairs Update March 2011 – An Introduction to Foursquare

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