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Do you really keep a Rolodex of all those business cards you get from meeting, conferences, and random sales people? I didn’t think so. The iPhone app called CardMunch by LinkedIn might be a great solution to scan business cards and turn them into contact, which is now integrated with LinkedIn. Easily see LinkedIn profile information for your new contacts and connect with them in a single click.

– Features for Version 3.0 –

* Convert business cards to address book contacts, and then add them as connections on LinkedIn.
* View relevant LinkedIn profile info, connections in common, work history, and more, for the cards you scan.
* Improved card capture experience for faster and easier card scanning. (Includes flash support for iPhone 4 & 4S)
* Manual transcription ensures high accuracy for scanned cards. (Takes a little time to get the contact info back)
* Newly revamped user interface and visual experience.

Scan the Business Card

CardMunch LinkedIn Professor Josh Scan

Wait until you are notified by the app the contact is complete.

CardMunch LinkedIn Professor Josh Contact

Check out the contact’s card, contact’s information transcribed, and any LinkedIn information connected to that contact. Not connected to them on LinkedIn? There is a button to invite them to connect.

CardMunch LinkedIn Professor Josh LinkedIn

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I have been wanting to work on this presentation for awhile. People are networking very differently in the age of social media and mobile technology. This presentation emphasis the way we can connect and expand our networking reach with the utilization of social media and technology. At the AFC (Association of Florida College) Convention in Naples, FL, I presented a session called Networking in the 21st Century: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & More. This presentation is geared around networking opportunities and a variety of tools available to help you succeed, plus a few extra tips along the way.

Check out this SlideShare presentation : Networking in the 21st century

MOO is a company that bring creativity, quality, and personalization to print unique items for personal or professional use. Printfinity’ is an unique option of printing a different image on every card in the pack they make available. This could be used to show off your portfolio, your products or your range of skills. It could be a great conversation starter helping people to remember you, and your business.

I got to try out the MOO Mini Cards via a Klout Perk, which only required me to pay shipping. They are half the size of a standard business card, which makes them unique and very portable. I decided to just go with both sides being the same this round. I decided to develop my own cards in Photoshop.

Here is my MOO Mini Cards design:


I browsed through a variety of designs available and was very impressed with the creativity and unique qualities. It’s nice to have a variety of print quantity options available, especially small numbers that could be needed for an one time event. I would really like to try out the rounded corner business cards in the future. I thought the “I made you a mix tape” was creative, retro, and would definitely standout for business in the music industry. Maybe that’s just the 80’s in me?

moo mini cards

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Learn more about the MOO experience from their promotion video below or visit them online