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I’ve officially moved my blog to from my site. It will allow me to utilize a variety of new feature, host ads/sponsored post, and a little more freedom to customize in the future.

I’ve enjoyed my time on but it’s time to move to my own hosted site. I’ll be posting soon on the difference for those interested in blogging.

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to move since I’ve had the domain and hosting for awhile now.

I’ll be redirecting this blog soon, since all the archives have been moved over successful. Make sure to subscribe to my new blog! 

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Pinterest in EducationAs Pinterest has exploded as a social network, especially among females (about 70% of the users), many professors and innovators around the country are looking into how this social networking tool can be used to engage students. It’s actually one of the tools used as a primary part of the Week 2 discussion and exampled in my Teaching and Learning with Social Media Part 2 for Faculty Development at Valencia College. It has potential and it has some unique characteristics that have help it become a hit in a very short time. Below is my presentation from this semester session on Pinterest.


As you can tell Pinterest has some very nice visual features that can entice users to spend time browsing, searching, and sharing. Browsing pins and boards can help spark creativity, ideas, and inspiration. It can be used as a social bookmarking tool, similar to Delicious, without the option of tagging. Pinterest ‘s search function is awful, with no current use of hashtags working properly.

It was good to see Pinterest develop “secret board” for private pinning, since everything else is totally public on their site. This would allow you to ask other’s to pin to those board through invitation too. It currently only allow up to 3 secret boards to be created, which would limit the way you could utilize secret boards in education.

Within the presentation above, you will find lots of basic on Pinterest and some of the links to examples and boards focused on education. It always great to see how innovators and educators are actually applying the tool and feedback from students in their course.

I’m still undecided on how much of a benefit Pinterest would have for the majority of educators but it might be because I’m not a frequent user (at least compare to my other networks). You are welcome to follow my pins or checkout what I’m sharing at  I spend the majority of my social media time visiting, reading, and socializing on site such as Twitter (@professorjosh), Facebook (, Instagram (professorjosh),  and Google+(

CFLBlogCon locker on DoccasterI’m presenting at Florida Blogger Conference (FLBlogCon) on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at the Orlando Science Center. This conference includes 250 fellow bloggers and social media enthusiast in Florida coming together for a hyper local conference.

I took a bunch of time to put together this documents/presentation that includes examples, preview, and great extra information you can easily follow up on to try these out for yourself.

The fully interactive PDF document is available in the CFLBlogCon locker on Doccaster.

Check out the Slideshare below (but this won’t let you download the presentation)

What is your new favorite app/gadget/widget?

Tweet me at @professorjosh #FLBlogCon or leave a comment below.

UPDATED! I recorded my presentation LIVE via a flipcam and the audio came out pretty decent! Watch it!

I decided to throw together a last minute presentation for BarCamp Orlando to discuss ways to network better in the 21st century. I have given this presentation before for educators and other organization around the nation. Here is my presentation if you missed it.

Zite Personalzied Magazine App of the WeekWe all want to be in touch with the “Zeitgeist”-the spirit of our times. I’m always trying to keep up with current events, important ideas and smart opinions that are circulating in our world at an pace that is impossible to keep up with. Blogs, new sources, and users are generating content and ideas faster than ever.

With so much information available online today, it’s increasingly difficult and time-consuming to find the content we want and share it with others. That’s where Zite comes in. Zite evaluates millions of new stories every day, looking at the type of article, its key attributes and how it is shared across the web. Zite uses this information to match stories to your personal interests and then delivers them automatically to your iPad or iPhone.

Zite harnesses and blends decades of research that it has tuned during six years of product development. Only Zite delivers your personal slice of the Zeitgeist.

Zite let’s me enjoy the content I care about and might miss out on with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Zite let’s me share this content to my social networks, email, read it later, add to Evernote, or Google Reader. The iPad has an option that I really enjoy, the ability to bookmark it on the social bookmarking site Delicious.

Interact with the articles you read on Zite by thumbing them up or down and watch your magazine get more and more personalized. Get a head start on finding amazing content tailored just for you by automatically syncing Zite with your Twitter and Google Reader accounts. Create your magazine your way with thousands of sections and a smart auto-suggest tool.

Zite is the easiest way to get the information and news you care about the most.

Watch my review:

Download Zite Personalized Magazine in the App Store:

Social media is ever changing environment with startups, web 2.0, and software changes happening at a blink of the eye. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends, news, and advice without a few key places to an eye on for info. Here are five of my key resources for everything social media. These resources are good for educators, entrepreneurs, marketers, or the average social media nut.

Mashable (

 Mashable @mashable is the almighty resource for everything social media. You will see a variety of my tweets come from great articles on this super blog. They usually are the first to break the news on the latest trends. They typically give great advise and ideas. Any startup or app who is reviewed by this site is sure gets tons of hits and leads beyond their wildest dreams.

Mashable doesn’t just post news or trends, they keep updated resources or guidebooks on “how to” on various social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Looking for a job in technology or social media? Check out their job boards for what’s hot.

Social Fresh (

 Social Fresh @socialfresh is a social media education company that provides free resources through their extensive blog. The blogs content generated by some of the top social media innovators in the country. Social Fresh offers a few conferences on both the east and east coast to help promote social media education. I recently attended Social Fresh East in February 2012 to learn and network with a variety of social media influencers from around the country.

Social Fresh Sketch Chuck Hemann

Social Fresh offer an excellent educational opportunity for those that can’t attend the conferences through the Social Fresh Academy. Think of it as social media training at your convenience but it does have a price.

Social Fresh has a very extensive slideshare ( that has variety of the presentation  from each of its conferences. Slideshare in general is a great site to find content and inspiration, which can be especially useful from a reliable source. Find my presentation on slideshare too: Professor Josh’s Slideshare

Read Write Web (

Read Write Web Read Write Web @RWW is an technology blog that generates lots of great content, especially related to social media. I would consider Read Write Web second to Mashable as content generator and innovation leader in technology. A great group of bloggers write content related to past, present, and future of technology in a variety of field. I would say RWW generates more education related articles that would help keep educator in the know of what is happening in edtech around the world.

Social Fresh Sketch Jay Baer

Convince and Convert (

Jay Baer (@jaybaer) is a social media author, innovator, and leader that heads up Convince and Convert site that provides some excellent content to better your social media knowledge through blogs, podcasts, and newsletter. Jay doesn’t put out as much content as RWW or Mashable but it’s quality information to help you understand social media a little better.

Twitter (

Twitter Logo Each of the above sites have a very familiar twitter account associated with it. Twitter is the #1 resource for all things social media and technology. It’s key that you find a number of good people or business to follow that produce content or link to other excellent content on a regular basis that will help you further your knowledge of social media on the web. I have blogged before on the key benefits of Twitter: Twitter: The Stupidest Idea Ever. I try to provide excellent content for my followers on Twitter (@professorjosh) and those who “like” my facebook page. Don’t forget the importance of Twitter chats and hashtags to find new people to follow.

What are some of your favorite social media resources I haven’t listed?

Edit your Bookmark in iOS SafariWondering why you can’t pin website in the Pinterest app on the iPhone? Here is how to do it in Safari in just a few steps.

Download the Pinterest app before completing these steps: Pinterest App Link

The setup:

    • Either find an unused bookmark in Safari or create any bookmark that you will change. Example Bookmark
    • Edit the bookmark
    • Name the bookmark something like “Pin to Pinterest”
    • Delete the URL and replace with this text (hint:copy and paste this):


Try this link on your iPhone to grab code directly from Pinterest site  if not working: iPhone Bookmark Pinterest Code

  • Pin It from your Iphone using PinterestSave the bookmark (tap Done twice)

To pin:

  • Go to a web page where there is an image you want to pin.
  • Open Bookmarks
  • Tap the Pin to Pinterest bookmark you made previously
  • Tap the image you want to pin
  • Follow the process to pin it
  • Use the bookmark any time you want to pin something on the page in Safari!