I’m currently an educator, an instructional designer, a technology geek, a surfer, a father, a food lover, a leader, a brother, a son, a friend, and a dreamer. I blog about everything from iPhone App to Food Trucks.

Josh Murdock Profile Picture - Photo by Amanda KernJosh Murdock, also known as Professor Josh, currently works at Valencia College as an instructional designer helping build online courses, train faculty on technology, and solve the Blackboard problems of the world. He is an Associate Faculty teaching both Educational Technology in the EPI program and Student Success. He has taught online, hybrid, or face-to-face for the past eight years.

Josh has a Master of Arts in both Educational Leadership for Higher Education and Instructional Technology from University of Central Florida. He has a graduate certificate in e-learning, He is a digital professor with over 14 years’ experience in higher education in a variety of areas.

He is actively involved in Social Media Club and various technology related groups in Orlando. He has presented at numerous national conferences on Assisted Technology, Social Media in Education, Millennial Generation, Web 2.0 Technology, and various other topics. He helps plan the Central Florida Bloggers Conference and Tech Venture. He is on the Board of Directors for Valencia’s Foundation and various other collegewide committees.

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